Tecnodue Værksteds sav til kunststofrør, plastrør & profiler, PEHD, PE, PP, PPs, PVDF, PVC

Tecnodue værksteds sav til Plastbearbejdning, Kunststof:

PE ( PEHD, PELD, PEMD )( PEH, PEL, PEM ), PP, PVDF og andre termoplastiske rør og formstykker
( fittings ) profiler
Plastsvejsning – Plastbearbejdning

Svejseudstyr: Stuksvejsning, Svejsemaskiner, Elektrosvejsning, Muffe svejsning,
El svejsning, Extruder svejsemaskiner og Save.

Nye og brugte svejsemaskiner.

Udlejning af svejsemaskiner til stuksvejsning

 Tecnodue = ER ROR = ER RØR ApS

Workshop Pipe Saws

ST 630 Range 200 to 630mm

ST 1200 Range 560 to 1200mm

ST Machines

The ST machines are hydraulic, PLC controlled shop saws. They are designed for the precision cutting of pipes in PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials.
The pivoting cutting arm permits cuts of different radii in both directions.

The pipe to be cut is held in position by two hydraulic clamps with individual locking pressure control. Lowering of the cutting arm and blade speed are respectively hydraulic and PLC controlled.
Two models are available as per the following table:

General Data

ST 630

ST 1200

Size range

200mm - 630mm

500mm - 1200mm

Max. blade speed



Max. cutting angle

22,5° left, 67,5° right

45' - 67.5'


400V 50Hz (standard)

400V 50Hz (standard)


4.5 Watt

7 Watt

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